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Ibiza House Renovation

A product with great advantages

A very resistant mortar coating that allows to harmonize the aesthetics, the technique and to reduce costs

The MORTEX coating is a thin waterproof micro-cement used for technical and decorative coatings. It provides your interior and exterior projects with a mineral look evoking the “polished concrete” or the “Tadelakt”. Showers, floors, pools, furniture…, this micro-mortar follows all shapes and brings color to all your creative ideas.

Thanks to its outstanding waterproof properties, the MORTEX coating is perfectly suited for bathrooms. It is the ideal solution for walk-in showers, baths and sinks, hammams, water walls, etc.

The MORTEX coating opens the door to your creativity allowing you to choose from an infinite amount of forms and colors.

Thanks to its resistance, flexibility, thin thickness and outstanding adhesion, the MORTEX coating can be applied on a wide range of supports. It can easily covers existing tiles both on floors and walls, thereby avoiding tedious demolition works.

The MORTEX coating can be applied on a screed with an appropriate underfloor heating system.

Colors, shades, designs, textures, effects… the only limit is your imagination.

With the MORTEX coating, surfaces have an elegant and timeless look, which is entirely customized.

Big advantages:

Intrinsically waterproof for projects in contact with water.

High resistance to compression and abrasion for an unparalleled lifetime.

Exceptional adhesion allowing an application on many supports.

A flexibility according to the flexibility of standard building materials.

An application in thin layers makes advanced renovation and construction projects easier and ensures a low product consumption.

A neutral base, which can be mass-pigmented, and many possibilities of effects offer limitless colors and looks.